What Is Branded Content?

Branded Content

A magazine, newsletter, article, press release - (printed or electronic) that is published on behalf of your company, in order to deliver a message (internally to staff or externally to clients – or both) is what we refer to as branded content. Some is overt and blunt. Some is disguised to be a lot more subtle. This could be to offer a special, or to sell something, extend the brand, convert old customers, offer additional value, say 'thank you’ to existing clients, or simply help with top of mind awareness.

What are the benefits?

For the sale of many products or services, from car rental to groceries in a retail store, offering more is the challenge every company has in today’s world. Branded content, or a custom publication, on a Rand-for-Rand basis, offers your company the best way to:
  • extend your brand,
  • own the mind or headspace of your customer,
  • communicate well beyond the shopping or purchasing experience,
  • be invited into people's lounges and lives,
  • allow customers to be your sales ambassadors,
  • encourage repeat business and loyalty.

We can add value with:

  • Exposure and special features in our current stable of magazines
  • Offering strategic communication expertise
  • Offering design & production help: concept, development and production of corporate marketing material
  • Corporate printing at guaranteed, very competitive prices due to our economies of scale

How can we help you decide?

Publishing models will vary depending on: the value of the merchandise you sell, the number of clients (and prospects) out there to whom you want to offer the magazine to; the suppliers your organisation has; and the potential for companies to support this magazine with adverts or sponsorship.

Costing models include:

  • 100% company risk - when your company is prepared to sponsor the publication as part of your marketing budget or when it is difficult to secure sponsorship and advertising from other companies or suppliers.
  • Shared risk - here, there is potential in the market to support your publication, and the publisher is prepared to participate in the risk by selling adverts or securing sponsorship for you.
  • Zero risk - when you are certain that there is enough contribution from stakeholders (suppliers and general market) to advertise and support the publication on your behalf.

We have extensive experience working on all three costing model options, and can advise you on the pros and cons of each - supported by case studies. We'd be delighted to discuss your needs in more detail and work out if and where the potential exists for you to spread your promotional message through a custom publication.

For further information please contact Richard Lendrum