Ideas & Activation

Ideas are what start the entire process of innovation, creation, production, sales, operations – you name it. The idea is where is all starts. Whether it was an idea to use old technology in a new packaging with a new user to create the Go Pro, or an idea to ask customers for feedback – which we call research – Ideas are the starting point.
Our business is all about fresh thinking and new ideas.

Ideas we have come up with include:

  • Branding
    • The naming and branding of the Birchwood Hotel
    • Design and marketing collateral for dozens of smaller companies
  • Publishing
    • Launching the first Cycling magazine in South Africa – RIDE,
    • Business Travel magazine – Business Traveller Africa
    • The Annual – SA’s greatest media and marketing annual hard cover publication
    • Future Trucking
    • International hunting magazine – African Hunting Gazette
Activations & events
  • Launching the Business Traveller Awards
  • Launching the Radio industry’s awards – MTN Radio Awards, now the Liberty Radio Awards
  • The Redzone marketing breakfasts
  • Peoples Wheels Award
  • TruckX Conference & Expo
  • Holiday Expo
  • Future of Media Conference
MTN Radio Awards
Business Traveller Awards
Holiday Expo
The Red Zone
The Future of Media
People's Wheels Awards
Truck X